Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anthology with Klarissa's Paintings

The anthology with Klarissa's paintings is available in eBook and print at

Klarissa Kocsis has contributed to the Toronto, Ontario, Canada art scene for over twenty years, regularly exhibiting within the city where she has won numerous juried competitions. Klarissa Dreams features poetry by Michael H. Hanson with contributions by other dreamers. Edited by Stormy Stogner Medina Created by Riley Steel Produced by Shebat Legion Cover design by Rue Volley.

Amazon review:
"Klarissa Kocsis is a talented artist whose paintings are represented by excellently reproduced color plates in this large-format book. Her daughter Shebat Legion, herself a writer of fantasy literature and excellent poetry, elicited the help of a number of writers and poets, who contributed pieces of their writing to accompany and illustrate the plates. The result is an anthology which can be read straight through or dipped into at one’s leisure. The poet Michael H. Hanson in particular has contributed one poem for nearly all paintings, a monumental undertaking in itself. The author John Manning has contributed two short stories with an eerie flavor and one excellent poem. In fact, the quality of the poetry in this book is high (I happen to be picky about poetry!) And a wonderful thing about the book is that all proceeds go to research for finding a cure for lupus and cancer!
The book would make a great birthday or Christmas gift and the buyer would be supporting a worthy cause. Be sure to buy the paperback because the full beauty of the paintings is available only in print! Something that would enhance the experience of the book, in my opinion, would be the addition of an index of authors, because the only way to find the scattered works of a particular writer is to skim through the Table of Contents."~TermiteWriter

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